#RUN2EARN WEB3 Fitness and lifestyle mobile app with inbuilt NFT and Social-fi elements support on the BSC chain.

HyperRun with great mechanics when combining Run — Step — Drink.

Both running and walking will help you earn money and remind you to drink water when your body has been active for a long time. Hyper Run aims at everyone’s profit through physical movement. You will not have to invest too much NFT for each exercise regimen. In fact, you spend money to buy a pair of shoes that you can participate in all the exercises for health. In other projects where you have to buy a separate pair of shoes that cannot be used with running shoes, investors will have to spend more capital and the rate of return is extremely low. Recognizing the issues surrounding these projects and real-life research, we built Hyper Run an evolutionary project with the RunToEarn meta.

Run-Step-Drink why do we say this is a great combination for investors?

• In real life, when we want to run or walk, we just need a pair of shoes that are suitable for us, which is the RUN NFT.

• We can’t wear shoes with bare feet because when jogging it will hurt your feet, that’s why you need a pair of socks and that’s the Step NFT. The Step NFT price is much cheaper than a pair of shoes but bring a lot of benefits for you.
• In your body water accounts for up to 70% when you run or walk for a long time you will need to replenish water to help your body stay healthy and get high efficiency in training that is the Drink NFT — reminding you to replenish water for your body.
• That’s the reality when you practice you need all three of the above. We want to bring maximum profit and health to investors.
Hyper Run!
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